Amazon Translate – neural machine translation service

The service is constantly learning: imperfections will quickly be fixed thanks to customer feedback.


 "Text": "Hello Detroit",
 "SourceLanguageCode": "en",
 "TargetLanguageCode": "zh"

    "TargetLanguageCode": "zh", 
    "TranslatedText": " ", 
    "SourceLanguageCode": "en"
Simple bash script to run each day and process the input and outputs for each language you need to support! 

aws translate translate-text  --region us-east-1  --cli-input-json | aws s3 cp - s3://translation-poc/output/zh/zh_filename.json

Google – Mesh Wifi

I have been using an Apple Air Extreme for about 2 years, the performance has been good not great. I think one reason keeping it from being great is the inability to easy and economically scale it out on demand. 

I ordered a 3-pack of the google Wifi devices, our home is approximately 3400 sq ft, with a basement, 1,2,3 floors that need coverage.  In addition, the back portion-deck, yard that we spend time during the summer months. Once i have these up and running, i will provide an update. 

Data Protection and Recovery Solutions.

I have spent the last couple weeks with my team looking at many backup and recovery solutions available in the market today.

Its interesting and a little disheartening to see those offerings which are still built using tech which has been around since the late 1990s and early 2000s.

I found myself asking, why should we care about scheduling server, database and other app backups, what time should the backups start, will they finish overnight? In 2018 why do i care about any of that, just define the SLA -RPO, RTO and move on with all the other concerns IT has today.

I was curious what other orgs were considering around converged Data Protection, moving away from Traditional Backups in favor of a hybrid approach or something else.

Ill provide updates in the coming weeks and share some details around what we are narrowing down to for our Pilots.